Careese Quon is a multidisciplinary designer who began her career as a buyer, stylist, photographer, and blogger working in fashion. She holds a B.A. in Global Cultures/Art History from the University of California, Irvine. She has leveraged her skills as a graphic designer, photo retoucher, and social media expert to provide these services to many brands such as Men's Fitness Magazine, GQ, Jack Daniel's, Bacardi, Hyatt Resorts, DoubleTree Hilton, Charlotte Russe, and various multi-billion dollar companies in many industries. Equipped with a lifelong passion for learning, Careese taught herself to code HTML and CSS, and now provides web design services. She uses her skills to build and maintain beautiful websites for clients such as the University of Southern California, USC. You may view her design work at

Careese is also a prominent fashion Instagrammer and RewardStyle publisher, collaborating with dozens of brands every month. She has a unique knack for incorporating sponsored products into her personal style sense. All photography and photo retouching is done exclusively by Careese. In fact, Careese conducts each photoshoot with just a tripod and remote! She is passionate about developing her personal aesthetic while inspiring others through her professional photography. You may follow her on Instagram @lycheestyle.


To contact Careese regarding general inquiries, collaborations, projects, or to say hello, please email her at