Instagram Service F.A.Q.

What exactly does the process involve?

I will be interacting with users in your target niche to grow your following on a daily basis. This process includes engaging with relevant users' posts everyday. I can also follow users in your niche and unfollow the ones that don't reciprocate after a few days. This will effectively grow your following with real users who actively engage with your content. 

Do you post content for me?

No, I won't be posting anything–just interacting with users in your target audience to grow your following with quality users. We can both safely be logged in at the same time on your account.

Is my password safe?

Yes. Your account information is highly confidential and will only be used to help grow your following and establish valuable connections with your Instagram community.

Do you find brand collaborations & sponsorships for me?

This service primarily involves growing your following and engagement on Instagram. However, my activity on the platform may lead to brands reaching out directly offering you collaborations/sponsorship opportunities, etc. If you would like to book a phone consulting session with me to learn how to get paid working with brands, click below!

How many followers will I gain from your program?

I cannot give you a specific number of followers you will gain because each account is different in terms of niche, popularity, quality of content, etc. However, I can guarantee that you will grow faster than ever before. My clients typically grow between 200 – 1000 followers per month. On average, my clients gain 300 – 500 new, quality followers each month. Please remember that the number you receive depends directly on the quality of content you post. 

Is this program safe for my account?

As long as you are not mass-following, or liking on your own, your account is completely safe. All activity complies within Instagram's daily limits. 

Can I sign up for a recurring monthly plan?

Yes, you can sign up for the monthly recurring payment plan via PayPal. Send me an email and I can send you a link to sign up.

How do you identify my target audience?

I conduct audience research to determine your target audience that I will be interacting with each day. This is why I ask you for either a list of hashtags or a group of usernames of accounts similar to yours. I use this information to conduct further research into your audience, their peak activity times on Instagram and gain insights on their followers.

Do you use the follow/unfollow method?

I use the follow/unfollow method upon request. The follow/unfollow method involves following users in your target niche for a couple days, and then unfollowing the ones that don't reciprocate. This is a strategy used to grow your following with real, engaged users. 

I don't want to end up following too many people. 

You can always specify the maximum number of people you want me follow. Please keep in mind that I will unfollow these users after a few days as part of the strategy. Initially, the number of people you follow will increase, but the number will rapidly decrease as I unfollow them after a few days.

How has the new algorithm changed growth on Instagram?

Since the algorithm change, it has been more challenging for some users to gain new followers. Everyone on the platform has experienced a 25-30% drop in engagement and many people have lost followers due to the fact that Instagram is continually removing inactive accounts. The best method to see an increase in growth and engagement is to follow other users and unfollow the ones that don't follow you back. If you're open to having me implement this strategy, let me know. 

I just signed up. When does the service start?

The service will begin as soon as I can log into your account. The first time I log into your account, you may receive either a text or email from Instagram notifying you about my login attempt. All you have to do is verify the email and send me the access code (if they issue you one). Please also make sure you have two-factor phone authentication disabled until I am able to log into your account. Afterwards, you can turn it back on once I've logged in. 

I want to cancel my payment plan. How can I do that?

Instructions about canceling your membership can be found here

What are some additional ways to grow my Instagram account?

Some of my clients have had great luck by being promoted on shoutout accounts to help grow their following. For an up-to-date list of client-recommended accounts, email me at:

Can you give me some feedback on how to improve my Instagram account?

Yes! You can schedule an Instagram phone consulting session with me. You will learn:

  • How to get paid working with your favorite brands
  • How to make money with your Instagram account
  • Ways to monetize your blog or website
  • How to increase traffic on your site and social media pages
  • Actionable ways to improve your content and photos
  • Tips to improve your Instagram page
  • How to increase your likes and engagement on Instagram
  • Ways to research the best hashtags to use
  • Anything else you are struggling to find solutions for!